San Jose Feast 2017

This is the traditional feast that the students of ESO and BAC of San Jose´s school , celebrate every year in March. The feast is organized by 1st of BAC

This year we started the feast with a Mass. On Wednesday afternoon we represented the miniplaybacks to our parents. On Thursday morning we went to the sports center to play sports and the gymkana; in the afternoon, were the playbacks for the parents. On Friday morning we had the cultural quizz and the playbacks and miniplaybacks for the students.

The gymkana consists of different games like the musical chairs or the makeup challenge, the partner who got more points was the winner; this year won 1ºA of BAC

Every class partitipated in sports. There were football and basketball matches and the classes competed against each other.

The students from 3º of ESO to 2º of BAC, prepare one playback each class about a movie, a musical group, a TV show… The students of 1º and 2º ESO prepare one miniplayback each class.

It requires to make some coreographies, distribute the main characters and the most important is the scenification and the expression.

This year the winner was AVATAR performed by 1ºA of BAC

The cultural quizz is about people making questions to the two representatives of all the classes and the partner who answers more questions correctly wins. The winner this year was 2º of BAC.

The feast requires a lot of work but we really enjoy it, is a good oportunity to be all together, have fun and show our talents.