Each Carnival is different depending on the area, but all of them are unique and for sure they are a good option to have a good time.

In each village there is a characteristic feature, such as The Peliqueiros in Laza; The Cigarrons in Verin; The Tamboradas and The Boleiros in Viana.

In Laza, the Carnival is considered to be the oldest In Galicia. On Sunday mornings the famous Peliqueiros appear on the street, wearing cowbells around their waist and carrying a wooden hat on their heads and a whip in their hands, they also throw ants and flour at people.

The next carnivals in Laza they will make flour fights, earth and pussy ants. There will be characters dressed in giant ants and scientists. These ants are not any ants. On the contrary, they are the biggest found around Laza. And if this was not enough, they spray them with vinegar before the descent of the Morena, to piss them off so that they would bite more. And this dirty carnival does not end here, for spectators will start throwing flour at each other, turning the place into an authentic battle where there is no possible to take refugee, all with a curious smell of bread and wet earth.

In Verin, the carnival is considered to be one of the most representative in Galicia. The typical of Verin are the Cigarróns. These characters are men disguised with wooden masks painted highlight his red cheeks and his huge ironic laugh.

In Viana, the carnival is the most emblematic festival. The Foliones one of the characters of Viana are groups of neighbours with masks, who are playing the drum in the streets, wearing war masks with floral crowns.